Wednesday, March 19, 2014

No Agenda Time

It's almost spring. I've not been feeling well so I haven't been to the farm in a few days. So, I thought I'd just hang out and be one of the herd today.  They don't mind. In fact, they'd much rather I hang out than encroach on "Oh my God it's GRASS!!" time. The new grass is oh so sweet and tender and I watch them nibble up the tiny tufts. 

The birds are chatty. I watch a little yellow bellied woodpecker talk to himself as he cleans bugs off a dead tree. There was another bird, more secretive, that I couldn't get a good enough look at to ID. A soft breeze blows. Far across the field at least a dozen deer bound toward the forest, white tails flickering. 

This is peace. This is promise. This is a gentle time that fills me with warmth and light.


It's something I try to do at least weekly. Why? Because it tells my horses I'm at least as interested in what's important to then as I am in what's important to me. It also clues me in on what's going on with the herd.. This mare is going into heat, these two aren't getting along that great lately. I watch my mustang monitoring for danger in her role as boss mare. I watch them obviously seeking out a specific plant to eat, and then I learn what it is. It's fascinating. 

Best of all, I remember how to breathe and just Be. We humans have a lot to learn from them on that score, so it's important to come see the equine gurus for their answers to the meaning of life. 

I'm pretty sure it has something to do with spring grass.